Building a tradition of excellence through pride and perseverence


Members of the Rummel Chapelle Band participate in ensembles including marching band, jazz band, symphonic band and percussion ensemble. Keeping an intense focus on musicianship, the band strives to dynamically blend traditional band literature with the popular works.


The Archbishop Rummel band program is a co-educational program in conjunction with Archbishop Chapelle High School. Unlike any other Catholic high school bands in the New Orleans metro area, this setup fosters a uniquely inclusive experience for students and for the community.

Storied & Historical

The Rummel Chapelle Band stands as one of the great musical traditions for Catholic school students in the region. The band performs around the state and indeed around the country carrying forward the work of decades of alumni.

Band News & Updates

January 24
RIPE Audition Information

In order to accurately place students for RIPE on parts, the RIPE staff will hear students play the following on Wednesday, Jan. 27.

2015-16 RIPE Audition Sheet

Students should prepare to the best of their ability but will not be eliminated or "ranked" based on thier audition; we will be using their auditions to place everyone on parts to set them up for successful educational and performance experiences.

January 14
Symphonic Band Chair Placement Results

Following a successful Spring Band audition process, results are posted here for Symphonic Band chair placement. Students are placed according to a combination of factors including Senior High Honor Band placement, Junior High Honor Band placement, and our internal chair audition score. Students are also awarded points for auditioning for Senior and Junior High Honor Bands even if they do not earn a chair in these honor ensembles.

2015-16 Symphonic Band

January 10
Pep Band Schedules

Students can find their pep band schedule below - it reflects the times for they signed up. Students can always attend extra basketball games but at least must attend those they chose.

2015-16 Pep Band Assignements

January 4
Pep Band Week 1 Assignments

Pep band assignements for the first week of basketball games are below. Assignements and sign ups for following weeks will be forthcoming. As always, check the calendar for all events including basketball bands. While students are allowed to attend all games, they are required to attend the games incidated below for week 1.

Week 1 Pep Band Assignements

December 16
2015-16 Drum Line Parade Audition Results

Congrats to everyone who audition for a new spot this year! This year's parade lineup is:


  • Joshua Fassbender
  • Tiffanie Points
  • Justin Connor
  • Daniel Forest
  • Daniel O'Leary
  • Brenda Hebert
  • Sheer Fiol
  • Matthew Nuss
  • Alexis Bellocq
  • Jacob Martin
  • Pheonix Pedrami

Members placed onto a new drum should start learning and memorizing cadence parts (Zombies, Kadence, Hot Pepper) and warm ups immediately.

Upcoming Events